Product Spotlight: Accident Prevent Tags

The Key To Ensuring Site Safety: A Guide To Applying Accident Prevention Tags

Creating a safe, accident-free, compliant environment is a challenging responsibility shared by employers, employees, and safety professionals. In pursuit of this common goal, the proper utilization of Accident Prevention Tags becomes a crucial element in an effective safety strategy.

Below we have provided an OSHA-based guide designed by our team of professionals. This guide will dive into how to correctly choose & apply Accident Prevention Tags to best fit your workplace scenarios and remain compliant.   

Danger Legend:

Reserved for the most severe scenarios, use to indicate a potential hazard that if not avoided will result in death or serious injury.
OSHA states this legend should be used in major hazard situations where an immediate hazard presents a threat of death or serious injury to employees. Danger tags should be used only in these situations.

Caution Legend:

Caution Tags should be used in a potential hazard that if not avoided could result in death or serious injury. Please note the difference between this application and Danger Tag application is the decrease in probability of a hazard causing death or serious injury (i.e: “Will” vs. “Could”).
OSHA states Caution Tags should be used in minor hazard situations where a non-immediate or potential hazard or unsafe practice presents a lesser threat of employee injury.  

Notice Legend:

Typically used in situations where there is a need to convey important information or instructions. Utilize for things like safety instructions or equipment maintenance.

Following the above Accident Prevention Tag guide will assist you in reducing risk of accident, as well as aid you in remaining OSHA compliant. A friendly reminder, we are here to help! If you need assistance with your safety labeling needs we offer identification and services for all of it, reach out to us to speak with one of our experienced electrical labeling representatives. Contact us here.

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