Asset Identification with Drawing Validation

Accurate Asset Identification and Validated Drawings are Vital to Plant Operations

Asset identification synchronized to accurate plant drawings is vital to hazard reduction and prevention of human errors, training of plant personnel, creation of in-plant procedures, and uniformity of labeling nomenclature. We are dedicated to providing facilities with asset identification synchronized to validated drawings, putting the power of information back into the hands of plant owners.

Our asset identification and drawing validation services support operations, providing power plants with an accurate account of piping and equipment in their facilities. In working with older power plants to help them with asset identification, we’ve found that most often the drawings are not accurate. However, the plant’s need for labeling of valves, piping, and equipment is more pressing than having the drawing updated. Lack of manpower or dedicated resources hinders companies from updating their drawings, leaving the plant with an inaccurate account of equipment, instruments, and valve locations.

We have developed a method of identifying assets that incorporates field validation of drawings that are done in a finite period at an affordable cost. We’ll create an asset database using your drawings and visual validation of assets in the field. By providing an actual account of piping and equipment in the facility, customers will have an accurate account of their facilities’ assets, information critical to plant operations. These accurate drawings support start-up, clearance, shut-down, and preventative maintenance procedures while ensuring consistent labeling throughout the plant.

We are your single source of accountability for all aspects of asset identification and labeling. We are dedicated to this process delivering up-to-date facility drawings with consistent labeling of critical plant components. From the validated drawings, we’ll design label tags and signs printed with the information you want to be available to plant personnel. Matching information from the P&IDs, we’ll create valve, instrument, and equipment markings with labeling numbers to further enhance operations and maintenance tasks.

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