AIM Mobile Technology

Access Critical Information in the Field On-Demand

Access to critical operational information in the field is a major challenge. Information such as P&IDs, O&M manuals, and operating procedures supports your team’s ability to work safely and efficiently. But searching through shelves, files, and binders is inefficient. Especially for new personnel that needs to quickly get up to speed on your equipment processes and operational procedures. Until now, accessing these critical documents has been a logistical nightmare.

We offer AIM Mobile Technology delivering on-demand 24/7 access to critical asset information. AIM is the integration of asset identification with mobile technology. Our QR-coded tags provide a direct link to reliable asset information, accessible when installed on valves and equipment in your operations. This technology empowers your personnel to access critical information to make good, safe decisions supporting your team’s ability to work safely and efficiently. Ultimately empowering your employees with the information they need to mitigate costly human factors in your operations.

Utilizing a mobile device with AIM installed, simply scan the QR code on the in-place tag. You are immediately taken to the asset home page to view information associated with that asset. The desired PDF files are opened with one click for instant information. You determine the accessible data, which may include P&IDs, O&M Manuals, Operations Procedures, Technical Specifications, and Emergency Response Plans.

We make it easy to get AIM Mobile Technology

  • Simply populate the AIM template with asset information and associated files and submit it to us.
  • We’ll establish the asset database and link the QR-coded labeling to your critical documents.
  • Once materials are installed, your team has immediate access to intelligent asset identification on their mobile device. On-demand, in the field, 24/7
  • AIM Mobile Technology is your gateway to accessing information on demand! Click Here to Download our Brochure on more specifics on our AIM Technology.

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