MS-900 Self-Adhesive Duct Markers With Attached Scored Arrow

MS-900 Self-Adhesive Duct Markers With Attached Scored Arrow are an economical & easy way to mark ducts/equipment. Our self-adhesive duct markers are made from durable vinyl material suitable for indoor or outdoor line marking and system color coding. The attached scored arrow markers are used to indicate the direction of flow.

Why spend hours fiddling with tape and typing each system into a small label maker to print markers one at a time? MS-900 Duct Markers comply with ASME (ANSI) standards, have an industrial-grade adhesive, and are easy to install. Simply clean and dry the duct, remove the marker & arrow from the coated paper backing, and place them in the desired location, orienting the arrow to indicate the direction of flow.

  • Highly visible color-coded markers make it easy to differentiate between systems
  • Printed on premium-quality, fade-resistant vinyl with durable, industrial-grade pressure-sensitive adhesive
  • Adheres well to ducts with only limited surface preparation
  • Attached scored arrow is used to indicate the flow direction
  • All standard markers comply with the ASME A13.1 “Scheme for the Identification of Piping Systems” standard for marker color, overall size, and letter height
  • Fast turnaround with off-the-shelf delivery on stock legends
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Wide variety of standard colors available
  • Markers can be customized to designate the specific system or equipment of origin

Standard sizes and colors – additional sizes available upon request

Style MarkerMarker Size with ArrowLetter Size
A1" x 8"3/4"
B2 1/4" x 13"1 3/4"
C4" x 24"2 1/2"
D4" x 32"3 1/2"

We improve & standardize the labeling of hazards and components to promote safer work environments & minimize downtime due to errors or accidents. We provide a full complement of products designed to fulfill labeling needs in nearly any environment. Through our commitment to providing value-added services, high-quality products, and on-time delivery, we are a one-stop, comprehensive source for all your labeling needs.

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MS-900 Self-Adhesive Duct Markers With Attached Scored Arrow

An Economical and Easy Way to Mark Ducts/Equipment

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