Tips To Avoid Workplace Injuries Around The Holidays

As the holiday rush begins, businesses face a host of seasonal challenges, because of this, it is not uncommon to see a spike in workplace injuries in December.
This holiday season, consider giving your team the invaluable gift of improved safety. Through up-to-date/accurate labeling and utilization of AIM Mobile Technology, you can ensure the well-being of your employees and maintain a safer work environment.
Below we have created a list of several workplace hazards that can prevail during holidays with tips on how to prevent them as well as ways we can help: 

Increased Demand: Many industries experience an increase in demand around the holidays, which often causes high-pressure working conditions to ensure demand is met. High-pressure working conditions can lead to mistakes being made such as: skipping important procedural steps, not being aware of surroundings, or not taking proper precautions, etc.

  • What To Do: Increase safety training and provide a refresher on safety and procedures to ensure employees are working safely and efficiently to meet the holiday demand.
  • How We Can Help: We can provide you with AIM QR-coded labels that are integrated with step-by-step procedures, these procedures ensure employees do their due diligence and not rush. We can also design custom safety signs for you to put in high-traffic locations so important hazard prevention information is not neglected or forgotten about.

Fatigue: Long working shifts and disturbed sleep schedules due to holiday festivities weaken concentration, focus, and decision-making capabilities, thus increasing the likelihood of incidents.

  • What To Do: Schedule sufficient breaks and rests for your employees to prevent work exhaustion and fatigue.
  • How We Can Help: We can help you integrate AIM into your labeling to increase efficiency through procedures and easily accessible information, this can prevent employees from being overworked. We can provide you with safety and door signs to be installed at break and lunch areas so they are easy to locate which can help ensure employees take breaks and rest.

Temporary/Seasonal Employees: To meet increased holiday demand, many companies rely on agency-provided temporary employees. If these employees are not trained properly it can lead to an increased risk of accident or injury.

  • What To Do: Make sure you provide temporary employees with clear and precise safety policies and ensure they are thoroughly trained on how to operate any equipment or perform procedures.
  • How MSI Can Help: We can provide you with AIM QR-coded labels so temporary employees can access any training materials or crucial information directly in the field. You can also utilize AIM for step-by-step procedures to ensure all steps are being completed.

We hope you have a safe and productive end to 2023! If you need any labeling assistance please reach out to us or utilize our contact us form. 

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