Optimizing Color Cues In Your Safety Signs – Holiday Edition

We all want to provide the safest environments possible for our employees and a great place to start is making sure you have up-to-date, accurate safety signs throughout your facility. However, when choosing your safety signs it is important to make sure you are optimizing them and ensuring your sign messaging is getting read/understood as effectively as possible. One of the simplest ways you can do this is by making sure you are utilizing the correct color schemes on your signs.

Color plays a vital role in conveying messages because human reactions to color are influenced by past experiences. An everyday scenario like accelerating when a traffic light turns green highlights how our brains respond to color cues. This is due to the incorporation of color into a repetitive and standardized system, making it an integral part of our automatic and intuitive reactions.

This holiday season to help you improve facility safety through the optimization of color cues on safety signs we thought would have some fun and provide a cheat sheet for safety sign color schemes with examples that provide a fun holiday twist.

Blue Safety Signs

Often includes a “Notice” legend. This color sign can convey mandatory instructions or provide information that helps individuals understand requirements or protocols that must be followed.

Green Safety Signs

Commonly includes a “Safety” legend. The color green can signify a safe place to go for things like emergency exits and first aid or muster stations.

Orange Safety Signs

Often includes a “Warning” legend. This color sign can be used in construction and other high-risk environments to indicate potential hazards or cautionary information. 

Red Safety Signs

Commonly includes a “Danger” legend. These color signs are universally associated with danger and prohibition. They indicate the presence of potential hazards or the need to stop/take immediate action to prevent accidents.

Yellow Safety Signs

Often includes a “Caution” legend. This color sign portrays caution and indicates potential hazards or conditions that could lead to accidents or injuries if not approached with care.

We are always here to help and we hope this cheat sheet will help you optimize the color cues on your safety signs and in turn, increase your facility’s safety. 

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