Ammonia Markers

Durable ammonia markers for extreme operating conditions

The extreme environments of food and beverage processing facilities require labeling that can withstand prolonged exposure to extreme operating conditions without fading, deteriorating or failure. Marking Services Canada (MSC) manufactures a wide variety of pipe markers and tapes specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry. Our durable markers and tapes provide long-term protection to workers and plant infrastructure.

  • MS-900 self-adhesive ammonia markers are ideal for indoor applications
  • MS-995 coiled and carrier markers provide maximum performance by standing up to high heat, harsh chemicals and direct exposure to sunlight
  • MS-900 Ammonia Refrigeration Pipe Markers with MS-1000 over-laminate for pipes that need protection from UV fading and chemicals commonly used in process wash-downs
  • Component markers that meet IIAR Bulletin #114
  • MS-300 markers, signs and tags provide high impact strength, toughness and chemical resistance

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