8 Reason Why You Need To Utilize High-Quality Underground Warning Tape

The problems that can arise from being unaware of the location of underground piping and utilities can be catastrophic, which is why locating these assets prior to digging is crucial. Underground warning tape is a simple and clear solution to this problem, however, with low-quality tape you are still at risk of being unable to locate these important assets.

We have put together a list of 8 reasons why you need to utilize high-quality underground warning tape for your next project

1. Save Time & Money

Without underground warning tape you risk unintentional damage to pipes and utilities while digging which can lead to costly and timely repairs. 

2. Prevent Injury

If you are unable to locate utilities prior to excavating/digging you put your employees at risk of severe injury. 

3. Avoid Outages 

Accidentally cutting into a utility line without locating it before digging can cause explosions or power outages.

4. Simple to Install

Our Underground Warning Tape is extremely simple to place in ground ensuring no additional labor costs.

5. Catered to Meet Your Needs 

We provide a variety of legends and color combinations. This tape is also available in multiple sizes and is available in detectable or non-detectable. 

6. Easily Locatable

Our Detectable Underground Warning Tape allows you to easily locate buried non-metallic pipes before digging using any standard metal detector. 

7. Maintain Compliance 

NEC requires that underground service conductors not encased in concrete and are buried 18 in or more below grade must have their location identified by a warning ribbon. 

8. Avoid Rips or Fading

Low-quality tape is prone to ripping which can cause blind spots. Additionally, it is prone to fading which can lead to poor visibility and risk of causing damage or injury.  

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