Optimizing Your Operation in a Challenging Labor Climate

With increased labor shortages, and one of the lowest unemployment rates in decades, most industries are experiencing a negative impact. Whether you are experiencing backups in production/construction schedules, difficulty retaining & training new employees, or decreased operational efficiency, it’s clear to see lack of labor has been a huge driver in overall increased costs. By utilizing proper labeling & services, you can save time and money that is directly correlated with the current labor shortage.

Below is variety of labeling options and services that can aid in the optimization of your operation in the current labor climate.  

AIM Mobile Technology: Provides you the proper procedures & documentation located on a cloud-based platform, easily accessible by scanning QR-coded AIM labels. By utilizing this you can:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Decrease training time of new employees with easily accessible round forms, maintenance & service manuals, etc.
  • Increase safety and in turn increase retention with ease of access to crucial information

Material Take-Off and Pack-By Service: We manage the take-off process to save you time, money, and personnel. Our highly valued take-off service provides a smoother, more cost-effective process.

Installation Services: Our Installation crews of skilled experts systematically install permanent asset identification without you devoting personnel time, or direct supervision.

Proper Labeling: Proper labeling increases safety. Workplace safety increases retention and efficiency, while decreasing costs due to incidents or fines.

Don’t let current labor shortages impair your operation, optimize your operations efficiency by utilizing the proper services & labels. To request more information about our products & services, or to receive a free AIM demo, click here