Identification Markers Engineered To Specific Environment Conditions

Marking Services Canada manufactures a full complement of markers designed to fulfill all needs for identification in nearly any environment. Our identification markers provide a quick, accurate snapshot of critical information such as pipe content, flow direction, origin and destination. Proper markers eliminate the need to trace lines and promotes a greater understanding of piping layouts, translating to a quicker commissioning of a new building or facility upgrade.

MSC pipe markers, conduit markers, duct markers, identification tapes, etc. can be customized specifically for each facility.  MSC offers the flexibility to create identification markers that conveys the critical elements of each locations’ unique asset information, thereby promoting safer work conditions and minimizing downtime due to errors or accidents. Our methodology communicates critical information directly from your facility documents at the point at which it is most needed.

MSC will also customize markers to meet specific needs. When markers come from MSC, you can be confident that its quality, durability, and visibility will protect not only your customer’s assets, but your reputation as well.