MS-900 Economy Pipe Markers

MS-900 self-adhesive economy markers are an economical and easy way to mark pipes and equipment. Our self-adhesive economy pipe markers are made from durable vinyl material suitable for indoor or outdoor line marking and system color coding.

Why spend hours fiddling with tape and typing each system into a small label maker to print markers one at a time? MS-900 economy pipe markers have an industrial-grade adhesive and are easy to install. Simply clean and dry the pipe, remove the marker from the paper-coated backing, and place in the desired location.

  • Economy MS-900 self-adhesive marker is supplied in rolls of 50 identical markers and flow directional arrows
  • Markers are 2” x 9” (51 mm x 229 mm) and the directional arrows are 2” x 4 ½” (51 mm x 114 mm). Letter/arrow height is 1 1/4” (32 mm)
  • Perforations between markers ensure easy handling and application
  • Use separately or with color banding tape for a complete low-cost marking system

NOTE: This product does not meet ASME A13.1 standards regarding marker size and letter height.

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Economy Marker
Economy Marker