Stainless Steel Equipment Tags

These tags are designed for labeling pumps, fans, air-handling units, and other critical equipment. They are designed to withstand frequent washdowns or chemical cleanings, machinery that runs at high temperatures, and highly corrosive or caustic environments. This makes them an excellent choice for industries with harsh operating environments such as ammonia facilities, offshore rigs, and power generation.

  • #316 Stainless Steel
  • Standard tags have round corners and mounting holes for ease of installation
  • Black text is engraved for visibility and durability
  • Equipment subject to frequent wash downs or chemical cleanings
  • Nameplates on machinery that continually run at high temperatures
  • Valve or instrument labeling in highly-corrosive or caustic environments
  • QR-coded asset tags

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Stainless Steel Equipment Tags
Stainless Steel Equipment Tags
Stainless Steel Equipment Tags

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