MS-200 Equipment Tags

Our MS-200 engraved polycarbonate tags are an economical and easy way to label valves, instrumentation, and equipment. The unique MS-200 material provides a durable marking solution for demanding chemical wash-down environments.

MS-200 Equipment Tags are constructed by laser engraving on a tough, polycarbonate material. The black engraved information clearly shows against the background color and may include barcoding or QR codes. The legends are permanent laser markings and are not damaged by pressure washing or detergents.

  • Gloss finish material with raised laser legend sized to fit within a tag
  • Ideal for equipment subject to frequent wash-downs or chemical cleanings
  • Available in standard yellow, orange, and white polycarbonate material
  • Legend color available in black
  • Mounting through holes or adhesive back
  • Outdoor durable (5-year outdoor life)
  • Service temperature range: -40° F to 225° F (-40° C to 108° C)
  • Material thickness: .100” (2.54 mm); Other thicknesses available
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Markers can be customized for size and shape
  • Each tag can include multiple lines of text, equipment number, operations & maintenance instructions, safety precautions, barcoding/QR codes, or other critical information.

We improve and standardize the labeling of hazards and components to promote safer work environments and minimize downtime due to errors or accidents. We provide a full complement of products designed to fulfill labeling needs in nearly any environment. Through our commitment to providing value-added services, high-quality products, and on-time delivery, we offer you a one-stop, comprehensive source for all your labeling needs.

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MS-200 Equipment Tags

An economical and easy way to label valves, instrumentation, and equipment.

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