Floor Graphics

We offer custom safe practice floor graphics to reach employees and facility visitors with important safety information. Designed for use in manufacturing facilities, offices, warehouses, in-store point of purchase applications, and more. Our attractive floor graphics are critical for employee safety.

These highly-descriptive floor graphics provide personnel with necessary information regarding sanitary practices and social distancing to reduce the risk of infection per the latest CDC guidelines. Our current offering includes:

  • 6×6 “6 Feet Apart” Social Distancing Floor Graphic
  • 6×6 “Flatten the Curve” Floor Graphic
  • 17×17 “Please Stand 6 Feet Apart” Social Distancing Floor Graphic
  • 17×17 “Practice Social Distancing” Floor Graphic
  • 2x50ft Roll “Practice Social Distancing” Floor Graphic
  • Floor Graphics are available in a variety of materials with different mounting options. Contact us to learn more
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