MS-995 Coiled and Carrier Markers

Our MS-995 Coiled & Carrier Pipe Markers convey pertinent information taken from client P&IDs to the actual piping within the facility. MS-995 pipe markers are easily customized to client specifications of size, color, and appearance. Our pipe markers can include P&ID, line number, drawing number, and/or FROM/TO information extracted from your P&IDs and asset databases; information critical to a reliable plant operation.

MS-995 pipe markers are manufactured for extended life in harsh surroundings involving process chemicals, food processing, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, and marine & offshore environments. Our pipe markers last significantly longer than stenciling or self-adhesive labels. MS-995 markers are tested and produced to withstand prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, salt water, harsh process chemicals, acids, caustics, and hydrocarbons. This superior durability allows us to guarantee them for a minimum of five years or we will replace them at no charge.

  • Pre-coiled markers install easily by wrapping entirely around the pipe diameter and self-sealing with a permanent lockdown strip
  • Installation can be on either bare or insulated pipe, and requires no surface preparation for attachment since they bond to themselves, not the pipe surface
  • Ideal for chemical process plants, pharmaceutical plants, pulp & paper mills, and upstream & downstream oil & gas facilities
  • Can be easily removed and reinstalled
  • For piping 8″ (203 mm) and larger, the 4 ½” by 33” (114 mm by 838 mm) marker is permanently laminated to a chemical and weather-resistant carrier. Markers are strapped onto the pipe using stainless steel straps. Meets standard ASME A13.1.
  • Custom pipe markers available to meet plant-specific needs for color, pipe diameter, and information (including From/To, P&ID numbers, line numbers, pipe contents, flow direction, etc.)
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Coiled & Carrier Pipe Markers
Coiled & Carrier Pipe Markers
MS-995 Coiled & Carrier Markers

Provide Instant Labeling of Pipe Contents & Flow Direction