MS-900 Adhesive Pipe Markers

Marking Services Canada (MSC) offers MS-900 self-adhesive markers as an economical and easy way to mark pipes and equipment. Our self-adhesive pipe markers are made from durable vinyl material suitable for indoor or outdoor line marking identification and system color coding.

Why spend hours fiddling with tape and typing each system into a small label maker to print markers one at a time? MS-900 markers comply with ASME A13.1 standards, have an industrial grade adhesive and are easy to install. Simply clean and dry the pipe, remove the marker from the paper coated backing and place in the desired location.

  • Highly visible color-coded labels make it easy to differentiate between systems
  • Printed on premium-quality, fade-resistant, outdoor-grade vinyl with durable, indoor/outdoor adhesive
  • Adheres well to pipe and insulation with only limited surface preparation
  • Legend markers can be used with arrow tape or separate arrow markers to indicate flow direction
  • All standard markers comply with the ASME A13.1¬† standards when coupled with arrow tape
  • Fast turnaround with off-the-shelf delivery on stock legends
  • No minimum order quantity
  • Wide variety of standard colors available
  • Markers can be customized to designate the specific system or equipment of origin

Customized MS-900 markers from MSC take the mystery out of your pipes and equipment by identifying critical information based on your specifications. MSC custom pipe markers provide an alternative for identifying pipes when standard legends won’t work.

  • Markers can be customized to designate the specific system or equipment of origin
  • Fast delivery; usually ships within 24 hours, complete and ready to install
  • No set-up charges or minimum order quantity requirements
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MS-900 Adhesive Pipe Markers

An Economical and Easy Way to Mark Pipes and Equipment